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PIPL is the services business for 20+ years and offer wide array of services. We listen to you and customize the services as per your business demands

We understand your business and try to make it simpler for you.

PIPL a prominent name for
HR-IT Resolution with professional practices of decades

Progressive Infovision is one of the leading enterprises for Human Resources and IT Solutions with professional practices of decades. We are an ISO 9001:2001 accredited MSME, with our existence in 27 states in India and functioning in 3 countries.

  • Vast experience of competent talent
  • Strong Account Management
  • Process Driven Services
  • Robust validation through rewards and recognition
  • Expertise in technology
  • 100% Legal Compliance


PIPL is the one-stop solution for all your recruitment acquisitions and staffing requirements. We bespoke hiring facilities following your business requirement.

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We address your temporary demands across variety of IT skillsets. We offer short and long term contracts.

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Our portfolio covers payroll processing, benefits administration, compliance management etc.

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Managed IT

Our group of professional individuals comprehend your corporate goals and attain them with SLA assurances.

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Project IT

We orchestrate pivotal projects that need a specific time frame perfectly for premier clients.

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Rendering dynamic and diverse HR & IT Services

Existence all over India & Australia and committed towards the outcome.

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Recruitment Solutions

One Stop Shop for your Recruitment needs. Give your hiring requirements and depend on us.

Employee aspirations have pushed the job rotations faster. Hiring has become a full time job for organizations due variety and complexities involved in the process.

Over the years we have built very strong repository of candidate profiles, skill definitions, JDs etc which help us to hire even complex and latest technology candidates easily.

We have pipeline covering skill sets across IT Infrastructure management like servers, database, network, middleware etc , Application services like Java, J2EE, DOTNet, Python, opensource platforms etc, CLOUD skills like AWS, Azure, Google etc, ERP/CRM skills like SAP, SAP HANA, MS Dynamics etc and others.

We have been successful in hiring for Leadership roles as well. With 2 decade long experience in hiring we have developed network to identify suitable executives who can meet your requirements and organization culture.

Recruitment Solutions

Given our 20+ years experience in the Industry we understand the changing dynamics of IT services requirements. Our Resume repository is up to date with technologies ranging from open source, Infrastructure, Applications, Platforms, ERP, CLOUD etc. Our Recruiters work with your team to understand the specific requirements and fine tune the hiring according to your business needs.

We have been working across the business verticals like BFSI, Manufacturing, Retail, Pharma, Hospitality etc. We can meet the take care of Non-IT needs as well beyond your IT needs With our business specific templates mapping the requirements and fulfilment becomes faster.

With our business network spanning across the industries, we can identify the executives who are suitable to your environment and company culture. Account managers help in understanding special needs of customer and addressing gaps in meeting actual requirements.

We can manage the entire range of tasks from JDs, Hiring, payroll & benefits processing and exit management. This can relieve you to focus on your Core business. With the multi decade experience in HR recruitment we understand end to end.

We have mapped entire life cycle of the employee from joining, induction, handholding, training to exit. We can deliver either the whole chain of tasks or part of the life cycle according to your needs.

We can process the payroll of the employee from salary delivery and management, benefits management, mailers, ticket management etc. This can be done either on a standalone service basis as a complete life cycle chain.

Contract Staffing

Offer contractual personnel for short-term and long fundamental needs that boost flexibility to the business.

We are magnificently catering IT resource needs and various other staffing perquisites for esteem companies. It helps you to hire the resources quickly when are not sure of the long term needs of the resources.

With the deep repository of resources we can complement your employee team. We address your temporary demands across variety of IT skillsets ranging from Data center profiles, Application skill sets, CLOUD profiles and ERP/CRM skills to name few.

As business demands quick ramp ups and flexibility it is very challenging to manage with your permanent employees only. You would need flexibility in hiring temporary staff fast and deploy. PIPL with huge experience in managing large domestic and global customers we have built a team of IT professionals who can be deployed over short term or long term contracts. Since we double up recruitment company as well it makes us easy to hire on PIPL rolls also. You may hire the resources permanently based on your need with “Contract to Hire option”.

We have presence across India and as well as deploying resources for global customers. Services comes with deliverables like Account manager support, backup resources, contract hire option etc.

Contract Staffing

We have wide variety of resources on our roles ranging from Infrastructure, open source, Applications, Platforms, ERP, CLOUD etc. Resources may be available for short term or long term contracts depending on the requirements. Our Account managers work with your team to understand the specific requirements and fine tune the contracts according to your business needs.

You have the option of converting the temporary/contract resources into permanent hire according to your needs. This it gives time and opportunity to you understand the resource needs on long term basis and convert at the later stage. So no need to rush with permanent hiring!

We work with both domestic and Global customers and also across the industries. We currently serve onsite resources for Middle East UK & Australia markets.

Payroll services

Our Payroll services services help in managing your business processes efficiently and effectively.

To focus on the business priorities, it is absolutely essential to outsource the non-core activities. That frees up employee and management bandwidth which can be used improve business productivity.

Our portfolio covers Payroll processing, benefits administration, compliance management, Recruitment process outsourcing etc. End to end business processes is delivered in seamless way helping customer to focus on core business.

Recruitment process outsourcing(RPO) helps the customer in not worrying about the HR process as we can deliver end to end from hiring permanent employees, processing payroll and benefits, managing HR operations and right up exit of the employees. Entire life cycle can be managed by PIPL leaving you focus on your core business. We can also deliver parts of the HR life cycle like payroll processing, benefits processing, compliance etc.

Given our experience in Recruitment services we understand the HR life cycle thoroughly and we can complement the with training and compliance as well.

Payroll services

We take care of the employee payroll processing activities from salary disbursement, messaging, queries, benefits management etc. We have time tested checklists and templates which make employee experience smoother.

In a life cycle of an employee there are various company benefit programs to delivered and administered. Our processes make sure these services are delivered to the employees efficiently and consistently.

Compliance management is carried out by companies and large corporates to make sure business policies and processes are in line with the corporate and statutory policies and guidelines. We have process framework and checklists to execute the compliance checks and Audits.

We can manage the entire range of tasks from JDs, Hiring, payroll & benefits processing and exit management. This can relieve you to focus on your Core business. With the multi decade experience in HR recruitment we understand process end to end.

Manage IT Services

SLA driven services which cater to 24*7 business needs of demanding environments.

With 24*7 Business requirements, changing technology landscapes and people dynamics it would be challenging to manage the environment. Given the deep expertise we can help you.

Managed IT services team makes sure your business needs are well understood and delivered with SLA commitments to suit your requirements. You can focus on Core business instead of worrying about managing IT resources.

Given the business priority you mayn’t want to manage the resources and SLAs. This is where our Managed IT services comes handy. We would understand your IT services requirements, critical deliverables, services window and requests and create the SLA framework and sign off with you. With SLA frame work and well laid out Governance mechanism you can be rest assured that you need not worry about IT operations and projects. We have experience in delivering to customers across the industry spectrum like BFSI, Manufacturing, retail, Pharma, Hospitality etc.

Our Account managers take the responsibilities of your account and make sure SLA commitments are fulfilled and our relationship develops strongly.

Manage IT Services

We manage entire gamut of Data canter components like servers, database and associated services 24*7. Services include the activities like OS monitoring, health checks, patching, backup and storage management, performance and capacity management etc. We would share the performance data mapped to SLAs at regular intervals.

End user devices are essential part of the organization and which are prone to failures and attacks. Our end user services help to monitor & manage the desktop/end user devices seamlessly and also offer Help desk services to give continuous support to users. Services would include virus monitoring and management, updates/upgrades etc.

Network and Security are very critical part of the IT environment and prone to attacks which can jeopardise the business. Services would include network monitoring, device and security management, bandwidth management, Keeping track of security vulnerabilities and patching, policy management etc.

RIM services enable 24*7 monitoring and management of devices across the world and take necessary proactive and corrective actions. Services would cover round a clock monitoring, alert management, patching, health checks, house keeping etc. Our strong process driven approach supported by Technology makes sure uptime is maintained and high availability of the environment is ensured.

Project IT Services

With fast changing Technology environments faster rollout of IT services become utmost important.

As the Technology projects are very much on tight schedules it is very essential make accurate project plans, monitor the progress and take necessary corrective actions to deliver on time.

There are business critical projects which need to be executed in a time bound way and PIPL is experienced in delivering IT projects to premier customers across the country and Globally. Projects range from windows migration to Asset audit etc.

Beyond IT operations, we are experienced in delivering time bound IT projects across the technology domain and Asset and compliance space. We have executed 200+ Projects across the customers. Some of our projects include Migration of 1000+ end points from Win7 to Win10 for a Middle eastern bank, supporting of migration of 20000 assets from win7 to win10 for Automotive company, Asset verification (50000 assets) for an Insurance company in 75 days, Desktop replacement of 5000 assets across India for an leading bank etc.

With robust technical team and governance framework we can deliver the project seamlessly.

Project IT

End point rollouts include rolling out the end user devices like desktops, laptops, BYOD devices, associated OS migrations and applications. Post the study of the environment and impact assessment rollout plan is made and executed . End user device updates/upgrades are also part of the rollouts.

As the windows is the dominant end user OS across the devices windows migration is a essential project as part of the IT initiatives. Windows 7 to 10 rollouts and associated updates and applications are also part of the projects.

Office 365 migration project covers the deliverables like study of the environment, assessment of impact, standardising the rollout template, doing the pilot run and actual rollout. We have done large 365 rollouts for the large customers.

Assessing the IT inventory on a periodic basic is very important activity from an IT financial management standpoint. Unused inventory lying across the companies are common which drains the resources and make investment unproductive. We have time bound asset verification project templates which we had executed across major corporates.

Compliance management is carried out by companies and large corporates to make sure IT assets, services, IT policies are in line with the corporate and statutory policies and guidelines. We have process framework and checklists to execute the project as at large scale.

Anti virus management has activities like environment assessment/scan, impact analysis and remedial steps. It is carried out at both end user end and as well at the server level. These processes are repetitive in nature and done in a time bound method.


We are experienced professionals who understand that It services is changing, and are true partners who care about your future business success.

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