All India presence & committed deliverables

PIPL is the services business for 20+ years and offer wide array of services. We listen to you and customize the services as per your business demands

Our Services Portfolio

All India presence & committed deliverables.

PIPL offer wide array of services.

Recruitment Solutions

All your permanent staffing needs under one roof. Customized Recruitment services for all kinds of needs like IT hiring, Non-IT hiring and Leadership hiring. We offer HR Life cycle management & Recruitment outsourcing services(RPO).

Over the years we have built very strong repository of candidate profiles, skill definitions, JDs etc which help us to hire even complex and latest technology candidates easily. We have pipeline covering skill sets across IT Infrastructure management like servers, database, network, middleware etc , Application services like Java, J2EE, DOTNet, Python, opensource platforms etc, CLOUD skills like AWS, Azure, Google etc, ERP/CRM skills like SAP, SAP HANA, MS Dynamics etc and others.

We have been successful in hiring for Leadership roles as well. With 2 decade long experience in hiring we have developed network to identify suitable executives who can meet your requirements and organization culture

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Contract Staffing

We address your temporary demands across variety of IT skillsets ranging from Data center profiles, Application skill sets , CLOUD profiles and ERP/CRM skills to name few. We offer both short term and long term contracts.

As business demands quick ramp ups and flexibility it is very challenging to manage with your permanent employees only. You would need flexibility in hiring temporary staff fast and deploy. PIPL with huge experience in managing large domestic and global customers we have built a team of IT professionals who can be deployed over short term or long term contracts. Since we double up recruitment company as well it makes us easy to hire on PIPL rolls also. You may hire the resources permanently based on your need with “Contract to Hire option”.

We have presence across India and as well as deploying resources for global customers. Services comes with deliverables like Account manager support, backup resources, contract hire option etc.

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Managed IT Services

Managed IT services team makes sure your business needs are well understood and delivered with SLA commitments to suit your requirements. You can focus on Core business instead of worrying about managing IT resources.

Given the business priority you mayn’t want to manage the resources and SLAs. This is where our Managed IT services comes handy. We would understand your IT services requirements, critical deliverables, services window and requests and create the SLA framework and sign off with you. With SLA frame work and well laid out Governance mechanism you can be rest assured that you need not worry about IT operations and projects. We have experience in delivering to customers across the industry spectrum like BFSI, Manufacturing, retail, Pharma, Hospitality etc.

Our Account managers take the responsibilities of your account and make sure SLA commitments are fulfilled and our relationship develops strongly

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Project IT Services

There are business critical projects which need to be executed in a time bound way and PIPL is experienced in delivering IT projects to premier customers across the country and Global. Projects range from windows migration to Asset audit etc.

Beyond IT operations, we have experiencing delivering time bound IT projects across the technology domain and Asset and compliance space. We have executed 200+ Projects across the customers. Some of our projects include Migration of 1000+ end points from Win7 to Win10 for a Middle eastern bank, supporting of migration of 20000 assets from win7 to win10 for Automotive company, Asset verification (50000 assets) for an Insurance company in 75 days, Desktop replacement of 5000 assets across India for an leading bank etc.

With robust technical team and governance framework we can deliver the project seamlessly.

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Payroll services

Our portfolio covers Payroll processing, benefits administration, compliance management, Recruitment process outsourcing etc. End to end business processes are delivered in seamless way helping customer to focus on core business.

Recruitment process outsourcing(RPO) helps the customer in not worrying about the HR process as we can deliver end to end from hiring permanent employees, processing payroll and benefits, managing HR operations and right up exit of the employees. Entire life cycle can be managed by PIPL leaving you focus on your core business. We can also deliver parts of the HR life cycle like payroll processing, benefits processing, compliance etc.

Given our experience in Recruitment services we understand the HR life cycle thoroughly and we can complement the with training and compliance as well

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