Payroll services

Our Payroll services services help in managing your business processes efficiently and effectively.

With robust process framework we have developed the Payroll services processes

To focus on the business priorities, it is absolutely essential to outsource the non-core activities. That frees up employee and management bandwidth which can be used improve business productivity

Our portfolio covers Payroll processing, benefits administration, compliance management, Recruitment process outsourcing etc. End to end business processes is delivered in seamless way helping customer to focus on core business.

Recruitment process outsourcing(RPO) helps the customer in not worrying about the HR process as we can deliver end to end from hiring permanent employees, processing payroll and benefits, managing HR operations and right up exit of the employees. Entire life cycle can be managed by PIPL leaving you focus on your core business. We can also deliver parts of the HR life cycle like payroll processing, benefits processing, compliance etc.

Given our experience in Recruitment services we understand the HR life cycle thoroughly and we can complement the with training and compliance as well.

Payroll processing services

We take care of the employee payroll processing activities from salary disbursement, messaging, queries, benefits management etc. We have time tested checklists and templates which make employee experience smoother.

Benefits administration services

In a life cycle of an employee there are various company benefit programs to delivered and administered. Our processes make sure these services are delivered to the employees efficiently and consistently.

Compliance management & audits

Compliance management is carried out by companies and large corporates to make sure business policies and processes are in line with the corporate and statutory policies and guidelines. We have process framework and checklists to execute the compliance checks and Audits.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing ( RPO)

We can manage the entire range of tasks from JDs, Hiring, payroll & benefits processing and exit management. This can relieve you to focus on your Core business. With the multi decade experience in HR recruitment we understand process end to end.

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