Contract Staffing

Offer contractual personnel for short-term and long fundamental needs that boost flexibility to the business.

We are magnificently catering IT resource needs and various other staffing perquisites for esteem companies.

It helps you to hire the resources quickly when are not sure of the long term needs of the resources. With the deep repository of resources we can complement your employee team

We address your temporary demands across variety of IT skillsets ranging from Data center profiles, Application skill sets , CLOUD profiles and ERP/CRM skills to name few.

As business demands quick ramp ups and flexibility it is very challenging to manage with your permanent employees only. You would need flexibility in hiring temporary staff fast and deploy. PIPL with huge experience in managing large domestic and global customers we have built a team of IT professionals who can be deployed over short term or long term contracts. Since we double up recruitment company as well it makes us easy to hire on PIPL rolls also. You may hire the resources permanently based on your need with “Contract to Hire option”.

We have presence across India and as well as deploying resources for global customers. Services comes with deliverables like Account manager support, backup resources, contract hire option etc.

Contractual Hiring

We have wide variety of resources on our roles ranging from Infrastructure, open source, Applications, Platforms, ERP, CLOUD etc. Resources may be available for short term or long term contracts depending on the requirements. Our Account managers work with your team to understand the specific requirements and fine tune the contracts according to your business needs.

Contract to Hire

You have the option of converting the temporary/contract resources into permanent hire according to your needs. This it gives time and opportunity to you understand the resource needs on long term basis and convert at the later stage. So no need to rush with permanent hiring!

India & Global Hire

We work with both domestic and Global customers and also across the industries. We currently serve onsite resources for Middle East UK & Australia markets

If you have any questions or need help, feel free to contact with our team, or you can call us any time (011) 47404740

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